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Get the Best Carpet and Furniture Cleaning in Staten Island today. Our certified technicians use green, eco-friendly materials. Book a cleaning today!


We have been proudly providing carpet cleaning in Staten Island, NY for over 10 years. Book your cleaning today!

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Carpet Cleaners You Can Count On

For years, thousands of Staten Island City residents have trusted Sofa Cleaners NYC to provide them with superior carpet cleaning service. Your carpet is your home’s main attraction, unfortunately, things like dirt and spills are inevitable. Maintaining your carpet to look its best can often be a headache.

Luckily for you, we make it easy. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to produce amazing results time and time again.  Your satisfaction is our priority with every job that we complete.

Restoring your carpet to near new quality is our goal in every cleaning we do. See why our loyal customers trust us with their carpet cleaning in Staten Island, NY:

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    Our carpet cleaning technicians are experienced and ICCRC certified 

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    We use advanced cleaning methods and high-quality equipment to provide you with amazing results

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    We keep your family safe with 100% natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning agents

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    We’re committed to keeping your stress low with our 30-Day No-Hassle Guarantee

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High Quality
We are committed to providing highest quality of work. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our services.
Eco Friendly
All of our cleaning products are non toxic and eco-friendly. We are a green environmentally conscious company.
Best Customer Service
Best Customer Service
We provide unbeatable customer service. Our team is always a phone call or text message away.
Satisfaction Garantee
30 Day Guarantee
If you aren’t 100% satisfied with our work, simply contact us within 30 days of your job’s completion, and we will happily redo your service absolutely free.

Why is Sofa Cleaners NYC the go-to place for affordable, effective furniture and carpet cleaning in Staten Island, NY?

Providing you a top notch cleaning time and time again is our #1 priority. See what New Yorkers have to say about our superior upholstery and carpet cleaning!
Steve C.

“We had Sofa Cleaners NYC clean our carpets and couches and the results were amazing! We have used other carpet Cleaning companies before but Sofa Cleaners NYC have been the best by far. They were so helpful and professional we will surely continue to use them!”

The Many Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Without proper maintenance, your carpet can prematurely wear and require you to reinvest in a costly replacement. While regularly vacuuming is recommended, it simply is not enough. Dust and other microorganisms tend to get stuck deep between the fibers of your carpet, and cannot be removed with a general vacuuming. Our proven cleaning methods are designed to eliminate dirt in even the most toughest traffic areas. Most carpet manufacturers require you to have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 months in order to uphold the warranty. By using our services, you benefit from the most advanced and effective techniques in the industry. One unique benefit of residential carpet cleaning is that it can improve the indoor air quality in your home. Your carpets are like the air filter to your home. Aside from everyday dirt and dust, carpets contain pollutants, allergens, and pet dander.

Environmental studies show that indoor air quality can be up to 100 times worse than outdoor air quality. Toxic airborne gasses adhere to the particulate matter and become confined in the carpet. Breathing contaminated air can be especially harmful to babies, elders, and people with respiratory and allergy issues. Our professional steam cleaning can ensure that your home is free from air borne contaminants that can cause health problems and aggravate existing allergies for you and your family. Getting rid of the airborne particles means breathing cleaner air.

Carpet Cleaning Newyork Ny Benefits

Are you ready to enjoy the comfort of your professionally cleaned carpets?

Contact Sofa Cleaners NYC today at (917) 849-9390 to receive a FREE price quote and schedule a service appointment. Our customer care representatives are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to respond to any inquiries you may have concerning our highly affordable professional sofa cleaning services in Staten Island City.

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Carpet Cleaning Premium Services

We offer the full suite of carpet cleaning services to ensure your home is left clean and fresh.

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​Fabric Protection
Scotch guard is a protective coat designed as a barrier to shield your carpet from accidental spills. This product creates a layer that enables liquids to be easily removed, allowing for a more durable and effective carpet cleaning
Upholster Spot Stain Removal Icon
Spot and Stain Removal
Our sanitizer and deodorizer treatment will relieve your carpet of trapped allergens and bacteria while greatly improving the air quality within your home.
Couch Pet Stain Odor Removal Icon
Pet Stain and Odor Removal
We love our pets, but sometimes messes are made. If your carpets ends up paying the price, we’ve got your back! Our technicians will utilize an Enzyme Treatment that breaks down the bacteria that causes odor, leaving your carpets looking and feeling fresh.
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Staten Island Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

At Sofa Cleaners NYC we generally recommend hot-water-extraction method(also known as steam cleaning) when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning works by utilizing highly pressurized hot water mixed with carpet cleaning solution to penetrate the roots of the fibers and eliminate embedded soils and contaminants in your carpet. For delicate fabrics, we offer a safe low moisture cleaning technique that will surely leave you satisfied.

Our experienced technicians will help you determine which of the available methods would work best for your carpet.

Our Carpet Cleaning Products

Our company knows that high-quality products are essential. We make it a priority to only use superior products.

Our non-toxic cleaning solutions are gentle on your carpet fibers, but tough on dirt, stains, and odors. Some cleaning detergents used by other cleaning companies can leave behind dangerous residue and chemical odors. This residue will not only attract dirt and soil quicker than normal but can be detrimental to your family’s health and cause allergic reactions.

We make sure to use non-toxic natural cleaning agents when cleaning your carpet and anything else in your home. Our products are proven to be healthier for your family and pets while giving you amazing results.

Carpet Cleaning In Staten Island Ny

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

How Long Does It Take To Complete Professional Carpet Cleaning?

The amount of time it will take for your carpet to get cleaned depends on a number of factors, some of which are the level of soiling, the moving of furniture, and the the specific services being done. On average our technicians can cover approximately 1000 square feet per hour.

How Long Will It Take My Carpet To Dry?

Carpet usually takes between 4–12 hours to dry. Drying time is effected by humidity levels, weather, and airflow in the home. It is advised to increase air flow by opening up the windows and utilizing a fan. Activity on the carpet should be limited while drying but it may be walked upon with clean feet, clean socks or clean shoes right after we have completed the cleaning

What Do I Need To Do Before Your Arrival?

Generally, you should pick up loose items off the floor.  Toys, books and breakables should be put away. Relocate any small pieces of furniture such as dining room chairs, magazine racks, etc from the areas to be cleaned before we arrive.

Do You Move Furniture?

Yes, we do move most furniture! However, we will not move heavy or breakable items such as beds, dinning tables, dressers, china cabinets etc… but we will clean around them.

Can You Remove All Spots and Stains?

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee every stain will be removed. Our technicians will try their best to remove every stain, but sometimes the stains will return.  It may look like a stain is gone, but then it wicks up from the bottom and reappears.  Sometimes a spill is caught between the carpet and the padding, and 2-3 hours after having the carpet cleaned, it returns.  Our team will gladly come back, free of charge, and re-try to clean the stain within 14 days of your service.

What Types of Carpet Do You Clean?

We can clean any kind of carpet from synthetic fibers like Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Olefin, Triexta to organic fibers like Rayon, Silk or Wool.

Do Carpet Protectors Work? Should I Apply Them?

Carpet protectors, while not necessary, are definitely recommended. Carpet protectors, like Scotchgard or Maxim form a protective coating around the carpet fibers. This coating protects against stains and spills, making your carpet more resilient and easier to clean up. 

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction

No matter how dirty your carpet is, you always pay a set price – no hidden fees! You know what you will be paying before your scheduled service. As the best carpet and upholstery cleaning company around, Sofa Cleaners NYC will always do the very best job. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your carpet cleaning services we will return and re-clean free of charge!

More Services We Offer in Staten Island, NY

We offer the full suite of furniture, carpet, and floor cleaning services to ensure we cover all your home and business cleaning needs.